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5.7 EDT D-NET - 50 Hz

Cylinders: 3
Bore: 2.99 in.
Stroke: 2.76 in.
Displacement: 58.09 cu. in.
Aspiration: Natural

Length: 28.20 in.
Width: 19.00 in.
Height: 21.20 in.
Weight: 407.00 lbs.

Sound Guard Enclosures

This model is no longer in production. Please select from the menu for parts information and technical documents such as advanced specifications, diagrams, manuals and product bulletins.




Technical Documents

Important Note: Technical information is provided on our website for your reference and convenience. Westerbeke recommends that your engine, generator or climate control system is serviced and/or installed only by an authorized Westerbeke distributor or dealer. Click here to locate the Master Distributor or Dealer for your area.

Advanced Specifications
Document Name Publication Date
  Advanced Specifications 12/1/2007
Manuals (Operators, Parts, Technical, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Installation Manual - Marine Engines & Generators 6/1/2016
  Parts Callout Drawing 54564 4/28/2016
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015
  Operator's Manual 052767 4/1/2015
  Technical Manual 054560 3/1/2010
Guides (Troubleshooting)
Document Name Publication Date
Diagnostic Software
Document Name Publication Date
  EC20 Download 8/1/2021
Diagrams (Wiring, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Wiring Diagram 053477 Revision D - 24 Volt DC 8/1/2014
  Wiring Diagram 052793 Revision J 7/11/2014
  Wiring Diagram 052793 Revision H 9/14/2010
  Wiring Diagram 052793 Revision G 8/25/2009
  Installation Drawing 52798 N/A
Bulletins (Service, Parts, Product Recalls)
Document Name Publication Date
  Service Bulletin #268: PC Interface Cable Driver and latency timer modification

  Parts Bulletin 2011-1: AC Voltage Sense Resistor Board Change

Applies To: All D-NET Diesel Generators

  PARTS BULLETIN 2010-1.pdf

Applies To: All D-NET and EDER Diesel Generators

  Westerbeke - NMEA 2000 PGNs

  Parts Bulletin 2008-4: Paint Storage

Applies To: All Models

  Parts Bulletin 2007-2: Fuel Filter 030200

Applies To:

  Service Bulletin #242: Manufacture Date Code

  Service Bulletin #238: Fuel Pump Inlet Filter Part Number 048076

  Service Bulletin #125: Oil Pressure Switches





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Download Parts Documentation
Document Name Publication Date
  Parts Callout Drawing 54564 4/28/2016
Superseded Parts List
Document Name Publication Date
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015