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35E Three

Cylinders: 3
Bore: 3.07 in.
Stroke: 3.62 in.
Displacement: 80.43 cu. in.
Aspiration: Natural

Length: 30.60 in.
Width: 21.30 in.
Height: 22.60 in.
Weight: 386.00 lbs.

Three cylinder, four cycle smoothness....

Lightweight and Compact
Designed by Westerbeke, pioneers in lightweight marine diesel engines, the 35E Three is a compact three-cylinder engine perfect for difficult installations. The 35E Three provides a power to weight ratio to be envied while requiring modest engine room.

Powerful, reliable and Quiet
The 35E Three is specially engineered to operate in a hostile marine environment. It is designed and built using experience gained in supplying over 1,100 whaleboat engines to the United States Navy. The 80.43 cubic inch displacement of the 35E Three delivers reliable power without sacrificing smooth and quiet operation. To reduce intake noise, this engine also has a tuned air intake silencer.

Full Engine Instrumentation Option
Westerbeke offers an optional admiral panel. The admiral panel includes tachometer, hour meter, voltmeter, water temperature and oil pressure gauge. Westerbeke also offers an optional captain panel with tachometer, hour meter and warning lights.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
To minimize engine maintenance, the 35E Three is fresh water cooled and equipped with a simple control system. Easy access to all servicing points and a self-bleeding fuel system allow easy installation and routine maintenance.

The Name you can Trust
The presence of Westerbeke in over 65 countries around the world provides customers with easy access to parts, service and technical support worldwide. Established in 1937, Westerbeke is committed to providing its customers with quality products and unequaled after sales support.

Standard Equipment
  • Fresh water cooling
  • Engine prewired to plug-in connector
  • Self-bleeding fuel system
  • 12 volt 50 ampere alternator
  • Domestic hot water connections
  • Coolant recovery tank
  • Throttle, stop, and shift control brackets
  • Low oil pressure and high water temperature alarms
  • Gear-driven sea water pump
  • Short profile marine gear with 2:1 reduction
  • Glow plug cold starting aid
  • Four point adjustable flex mounts
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Tuned air intake silencer
  • Operator’s Manual and Parts List
  • Complies with U.S. EPA marine regulations
Optional Equipment
  • Captain panel with alarm (tachometer with lights)
  • Admiral panel with alarms (tachometer with gauges)
  • Dual station senders
  • Other gear ratios - Consult local distributor
  • 72 amp alternator in place of standard
  • Remote expansion tank
  • Fuel filter/water separator
  • Muffler and fittings
  • "A" on board spare parts kit
  • "B" extended cruising spare parts kit
  • Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling discharge water
  • Technical Manual
  • Exhaust connection (water injected 90°, 45° elbow)
  • Propeller shaft couplings (rigid/flexible) 







Technical Documents

Important Note: Technical information is provided on our website for your reference and convenience. Westerbeke recommends that your engine, generator or climate control system is serviced and/or installed only by an authorized Westerbeke distributor or dealer. Click here to locate the Master Distributor or Dealer for your area.

Advanced Specifications
Document Name Publication Date
  Advanced Specifications 7/1/2010
Manuals (Operators, Parts, Technical, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Installation Manual - Marine Engines & Generators 6/1/2016
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015
  Operator's Manual 044180 4/1/2015
  Parts Callout Drawing 54700 7/6/2010
  Parts Manual 048220 3/1/2003
  Technical Manual 045100 N/A
Guides (Troubleshooting)
No matching records found
Diagrams (Wiring, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Wiring Diagram 039144 Revision N 8/7/2008
  Installation Drawing 54874 N/A
Bulletins (Service, Parts, Product Recalls)
Document Name Publication Date
  Parts Bulletin 2015-3: 72A Alternator Changes to 65A

  Parts Bulletin 2012-2: BW7 Transmission

Applies To: 20B Two, W 27, W 33, 30B Three, 35D Three, 35E Three, 44B Four

  Parts Bulletin 2008-4: Paint Storage

Applies To: All Models

  Parts Bulletin 2007-2: Fuel Filter 030200

Applies To:

  Service Bulletin #242: Manufacture Date Code

  Service Bulletin #239: Transmission Lubricant Change

  Service Bulletin #238: Fuel Pump Inlet Filter Part Number 048076

  Service Bulletin #155: Keyswitch

  Service Bulletin #136: Shift Lever

  Service Bulletin #125: Oil Pressure Switches





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Download Parts Documentation
Document Name Publication Date
  Parts Callout Drawing 54700 7/6/2010
  Parts Manual 048220 3/1/2003
Superseded Parts List
Document Name Publication Date
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015