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16.0 SBEGA EFI - 50 Hz

Cylinders: 4
Bore: 3.38 in.
Stroke: 3.70 in.
Displacement: 133.30 cu. in.
Aspiration: Natural

Length: 42.30 in.
Width: 24.30 in.
Height: 27.90 in.
Weight: 741.00 lbs.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself
Proven reliability with houseboat rental fleets has made Westerbeke the "standard of the industry."

EFI & Electronic Speed Control
Westerbeke gasoline generators feature electronic fuel injection (EFI). EFI provides optimum fuel efficiency, easy starting and improved reliability. In conjunction with EFI, electronic speed control (via electronic governor) maintains the engine at a constant speed (precise frequency regulation) and eliminates "bogging down" when load is applied.

Smooth & Quiet
Westerbeke houseboat series generators operate at a quiet, electronically controlled low speed. Powered by 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engines that virtually eliminate vibration, the houseboat series gasoline generators are also extremely smooth running.

Durable and Reliable
These modern overhead cam engines are efficient and low maintenance. The unique fuel system insures an uninterrupted flow of gasoline to the engine in the high ambient temperatures typically found in generator compartments and engine rooms. Houseboat series owners can expect durability and reliability from their Westerbeke EFI generator set. Customers can also rely on Westerbeke's stellar reputation in the houseboat industry from Lake Powell, U.S.A. to Lake Eildon, Australia.

Five Year Limited Warranty
Westerbeke houseboat series generators are backed by Westerbeke's 5-year limited warranty. The presence of Westerbeke in over 65 countries around the world provides customers with easy access to parts, service and technical support worldwide. Established in 1937, Westerbeke is committed to providing its customers with quality products and unequaled after sales support.

Standard Features

  • Simple, "one-touch" start/stop control panel
    with running hour meter and LED lights
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Electronic governing
  • Safety shut-downs-overspeed, low oil
    pressure, high exhaust temperature
  • Fresh water cooling and coolant recovery tank
  • Field convertible to 50 or 60Hz
  • A.C. circuit breaker
  • 50 amp battery charging alternator
  • 90° water injected exhaust elbow
  • Belt-driven, raw water pump
  • Vibration isolators
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Belt guard
  • Operator's manual and parts list
  • EPA & CARB compliant 
  • Meets U.S.C.G. regulation 33CFR-183

Optional Equipment

  • Remote start/stop panel
  • Remote lube oil filter 
  • Ship-shore transfer switch
  • Hydro-hush muffler
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • "A" on board spare parts kit
  • "B" extended cruising spare parts kit





Technical Documents

Important Note: Technical information is provided on our website for your reference and convenience. Westerbeke recommends that your engine, generator or climate control system is serviced and/or installed only by an authorized Westerbeke distributor or dealer. Click here to locate the Master Distributor or Dealer for your area.

Advanced Specifications
Document Name Publication Date
  Advanced Specifications 2/1/2012
Manuals (Operators, Parts, Technical, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Installation Manual - Marine Engines & Generators 6/1/2016
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015
  Operator's Manual 049800 1/1/2014
  Parts Callout Drawing 53766 9/10/2009
  Technical Manual 055682 N/A
Guides (Troubleshooting)
Document Name Publication Date
Diagnostic Software
Document Name Publication Date
  OBD1 Download 8/1/2021
Diagrams (Wiring, Installation)
Document Name Publication Date
  Wiring Diagram 053467 Revision B 8/31/2010
  Wiring Diagram 053467 Revision A 2/19/2009
  Installation Drawing 49269 N/A
Bulletins (Service, Parts, Product Recalls)
Document Name Publication Date
  Parts Bulletin 2021-1-Fuel-Pumps-v2.4-(2021-08-16)_

  Parts Bulletin 2014-3: 4 Cyl. Low-CO - Low Pressure Fuel Pump

Applies To: 8 through 14 SBEG and 20-22.5 SBEGA

  Service Bulletin #269: Ethanol Induced Vapor Lock

  Service Bulletin #269: Ethanol Induced Vapor Lock

  Service Bulletin #268: PC Interface Cable Driver and latency timer modification

  Service Bulletin #265: Ethanol Blended Gasoline

  Service Bulletin #258: Stepper Motor

  Parts Bulletin 2008-6: Fuel Filter 047006

Applies To:

  Parts Bulletin 2008-4: Paint Storage

Applies To: All Models

  Service Bulletin #251: E10 Ethanol Advisory

  Service Bulletin #248: Flame Arrestor Maintenance

  Service Bulletin #242: Manufacture Date Code

  Service Bulletin #238: Fuel Pump Inlet Filter Part Number 048076

  Service Bulletin #125: Oil Pressure Switches





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Download Parts Documentation
Document Name Publication Date
  Parts Callout Drawing 53766 9/10/2009
Superseded Parts List
Document Name Publication Date
  Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing August 2015 8/1/2015